Spay Neuter Day in Puerto Rico

This Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012 Project Animal Worldwide will be on hand with the Humane Society of Puerto Rico at Héctor Solá Bezares basketball court in the town of Caguas, Puerto Rico. This groundbreaking day-long clinic day will serve rural, low income, underserved areas of Puerto Rico. 100 pets are expected to be neutered and given rabies vaccinations at no cost. Funding comes from Project Animal Worldwide, All Sato Rescue, the Humane Society of Puerto Rico and the Municipality of Caguas.

Project Animal is committed to supporting these spay and neuter initiatives that also educate people who otherwise would not receive basic animal care information.   Help us to bring about change.  You can stop the overpopulation and suffering of thousands of dogs and cats just by donating a few dollars.

Donate now.  Do it because you care.

Thank you.

Dr. Keri Garcia
President, Project Animal Worldwide


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  1. I would like to volunteer my services as a surgeon when ever possible. I am a private practioner in Connecticut with experience in spay and neuter, being associated for many yrs. with the Ct. Humane Society. Dr. Barrios East Hartford Animal Clinic 860-282-8989

    • Thank you so much. Unfortunately, unless you have a vet license to practice in Puerto Rico, outside veterinarians are not allowed to spay/neuter. That is one of the roadblocks to alleviate the thousands of unneutered dogs and cats in PR.

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